The Presentations

Complete Framework

Each presentation follows on from the other as well as ben able to stand alone. This allows the presentations to create a complete framework for young people to be able to think through choices and consequences that they face while navigating secondary school or for an individual presentation to fit into a school programme when addressing a specific issue.

School Year Specific

The three presentations are aimed at three marker years in a young person secondary school experience. Year 7, Year 9 and Year 11 and each presentation is researched, written and tested to be relevant and applicable to young people within those year groups.


Follow On

School are provided with follow on material, allowing teachers to pick up on and engage students on the bigger themes covered in each presentations. We also provide follow on material for parents helping them to talk through some of the more complex issues raised in each presentation.

The Big L



The Big L deals with the interconnection of sex and love and looks at the issue of consent (when is it ok to go ahead with sex and when isn’t it ) and pornography.

Here is a break down of the various sections

Section 1- intro, what is love, are you in love quiz.
Section 2-lust definitions, definition of consent, consent stories with feedback, consent video
Section 3-like definitions, porn statistics, the affects of pornography, porn and expectations, ‘does porn affect’ discussion.
Section 4- love definitions, the science of love, the difference between lust, like and love thought chart.
Section 5- conclusion. lust abuses, like uses and love chooses, loving some one is valuing them and protecting them section, conclusion

I Wish

I wish deals with the risks involved in choosing to have sex.

The presentation focus on 3 main risks:

Risk 1- Pregnancy, choices a couple faces if they get pregnant (Keeping the child, adoption or abortion)
Risk 2 -Sexually Transmitted Infections. Focusing on Chlamydia and the difference between bacterial STI’s and those caused by virus’s. 
Risk 3-The emotional consequences of chasing to have sex while young..
We also spend time talking about contraception and there effectiveness.

Above The Influence

Above The Influence looks at influences and choices that face us as we grow up, specifically in the area of sex and relationships.

The presentation focus on the following:

Influence 1- Family
Influence 2 -Friends. 
Influence 3-Alchol and its interconnection to sex and risky behaviour.
Influence 4- Media.
Choice 1- Being Safe Online
Choice 2- Sexting
Choice 3- Pornography

Respected Launch Presentation